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Selene Facial Steam

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Facial steaming is not only a relaxing addition to any skincare routine, it is also profoundly healing for the skin. With regular use, Selene Facial Steam will greatly improve the skin’s overall health and beauty, and will reduce or eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming facials, hydrating masks, and the like. This beautiful blend includes a range of herbs and flowers that cool, refresh, and soothe, reduce inflammation, and help to heal acne without drying or irritating the skin. The mix includes wild yarrow and cornflowers that were responsibly and sustainably hand-harvested in Washington state, Mullein flowers from an organic farm in Oregon, and fresh, hand-picked, limited-supply chrysanthemum and green tea leaves from the countryside near Hangzhou, China. The resulting blend delivers tremendous benefits to the skin, is beautiful to look at both dry and brewed, and provides a soothing, rejuvenating experience. Only available while supplies of the 2017 harvest last, Selene is cruelty free, vegan, cold process, handcrafted, and fair trade. In addition to its use as a facial steam, the herbal blend can also be brewed for use as a toner or mist or as a hair rinse, and is a delightful addition to a warm bath.

  • Skin Type Recommendations: For all skin types, especially acne prone, combination, sensitive, with a tendency toward inflammation, or with rosacea.
  • Benefits:

    Steaming with a high-quality herbal blend like Selene Facial Steam is the ultimate way to heal, soften, and hydrate even the most problematic skin. White yarrow flowers offer strong anti-inflammatory, acne-reducing, analgesic, cooling, and refreshing properties, and are highly sought-after for their ability to smooth wrinkles, improve the skin’s coloring, and help heal psoriasis and other skin conditions.

    Chrysanthemum flowers and blue, pink, white, and burgundy cornflowers are both cooling and anti-inflammatory, and chrysanthemum has been used for generations to firm the skin and maintain its youthful appearance.

    Mullein flowers are included to soothe and soften the skin, and are especially beneficial for irritated or sensitive skin types.

  • Color and Texture: The dried blend has a vibrant mix of colors, from blue and white to pink and burgundy, that bloom and brighten when brewed with water.
  • Scent: Refreshing, soothing, and lightly floral, with yarrow, green tea, and chrysanthemum aromas.
  • Contraindications: None.

  • Achillea millefolium (white yarrow) flowers^, Chrysanthemum indicum flowers (organic whenever available), Centaurea cyanus (cornflowers)^, Verbascum sinuatum or Verbascum densiflorum or Verbascum Thapsus (mullein) flowers* or ^, Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaves (organic whenever available), Plantago major (plantain) leaves^.
  • *Certified organic.
  • ^Responsibly wildcrafted.

Place a generous handful of the herbal blend (4 to 5 tablespoons) in a heatproof bowl (a dedicated stainless-steel pot will allow the tea to remain hot longer than a ceramic bowl). Prepare a towel to cover your head during the steam session and wash your face, removing all makeup. Boil fresh, filtered water and pour 1 to 2 cups over the herbs to make a strong, fragrant infusion.
Lean over the bowl to caress your face with the pleasantly hot (not scorching) steam. Cover your head with a towel to allow as little of the heat to escape as possible. The hot steam will help open the skin's pores and the herbs will penetrate deeper to aid purifying, healing, and moisturizing. Steam your face for 15 minutes to half an hour (a longer session is much more beneficial; reheat the tea if needed halfway through the session).
Follow with a face mask of your choice or a deep-acting serum, such as Earthwise Beauty’s Ferns and Moss Face Serum. Strain the herbs and reserve the infusion in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Warm it and and use as a final hair rinse for all hair types or add it to a bath. You may brew the strained herbs a second time with a little less water, strain, and use the second infusion as desired.
Store away from direct light exposure to protect the fragile botanicals within.