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Raw HUmic Powder Vegetarian Capsule

60 count


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Straight from the source

Straight from the source!

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The best price guaranteed!

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HUmineral’s + Immune Boost RAW POWDER is all natural organically sourced through manufacturing. We do not use any chemicals in our + Immune BoostVeggie Cap POWDER Mineral pure and unmixed for maximum benefit. Humic and Fulvic Acid Minerals are one in a naturally occurring state. Our product comes from an isolated fresh water source, approximately 30feet below the ground surface, derived from ancient deposits of lushplant matter that was buried millions of years ago; before chemicals,pesticides and other harmful substances ever existed. Our product is plant based, vegan, raw, gluten, soy and dairy free.

  • A plant nutrient that penetrates the cell providing a nutrient
  • Restores skin to a healthy natural state
  • Contains the highest amount of complex trace minerals
  • Contains the highest amount of complex trace minerals, is 100% organic from sourced through bottling, and penetrates the cell working on a cellular level on all external skin conditions.

Take this for supplementation and absorption.