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Rose Hydrosol

10 ml


Sold by Ithaca Soap
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Straight from the source!

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100% pure Rose Water Hydrosol. Smells just like a fresh rose.

  • Where was this product all of my life?
    By Jenny T on Feb 06, 2015
    I am not a fan of perfumes as they seem to make me feel ill after a while of smelling them on myself, however this is the perfect alternative when I'd like to jazz up for an evening out! (or anytime really!) Not too strong, not overwhelming, this product is wonderful; especially if you're sensitive to scents.
  • A perfect alternative to perfume.
    By Lili Becktell on Jan 23, 2015
    I have pretty severe allergies to most perfumes, but I love the smell of roses. This product has a great scent without being too strong, and lasts longer than my rosewater does. I don't appear to have a reaction to it either, which makes me happy, and I can wear it to my work at an animal hospital without offending the sensitive noses of the furry patients!
  • Great facial toner. Use as perfume in hair or on skin.
  • 100% pure Rose Water Hydrosol.

Splash a little in your hair or dab some behind your ears. Become irresistable!

Rose Hydrosol Rose Hydrosol
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