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Eucalyptus Essential Oil

5 ml


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Straight from the source!

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100% pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

There are about 3 thousand varieties of eucalyptus. The most common is the blue gum. Our eucalyptus essential oil is a little different, since it is a perfume eucalyptus, rather than a medicinal eucalyptus. It will open up your lung capillaries for easier breathing. We've finally gotten it packaged in a handy little bottle with a reduced orifice top, which lets out one drop at a time with out a mess. No rubber dropper to deteriorate, no drips.

  • Our Eucalyptus is a perfume Lemon Eucalyptus. It is sweet and fruity, while it opens your bronchial tubes for easier breathing.
  • 100% pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil. 

Dilute 1 drop in 1 cup of olive oil or almond oil. Use as purfume or bath oil.