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Free shipping on ALL orders + Up to 50% off
Babies have thinner, more delicate skin than adults. That's why when you're choosing skin care products for your little one, you have to pay
Beauty doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to spend so much on cosmetics packed with chemicals that will only do more damage than good. So
So you've invested in the right skincare products for your skin, and you religiously cleanse, tone and moisturize but your skin still seems to be
Organic Rose Quartz
A dual-purpose product made for a holistic body and mind transformation Gemstone-infused skincare. Such an interesting buzz-worthy concept, but one
A multi-purpose oil that won't break the bank When it comes to skincare products, usually we go for ones that are specifically targeted towards one
Release toxins and unclog pores with this natural soap  As fas as skincare trends go, bamboo charcoal is here to stay. Because of its obvious
Dying Coral Reefs and Summer Fun: The Sad Reality of Sunscreen Use
Summer is coming up but before you head to the beach, please check your sunscreen ingredients list: does it contain oxybenzone? Researchers1
Safest Sunscreen in the Market
A nontoxic alternative to protect your skin from the sun A powder-based sunscreen? Intriguing right? This special formula is the answer to that
Thoughtful Gifts Your Dad Would Love
(almost in spite of himself!) Unless your dad loves ties, plays a sport he is passionate about, or is an avid collector of something (stamps,
Carrot-A-Day Will Keep Dermatologists Away
Reasons why you need to add carrots into your skincare regimen and not just your diet Carrots are for more than just your eyes - it's a skincare
A curated list of our best organic skincare recommendations for Mother's Day It's that time of the year again for the most special woman in our life
Nature Bare Body Care
Hi, everyone! Today we talk about the newest brand in the Sassafras Store: Nature Bare Body Care. The lady behind this brand is Melody, a Materials
          Happy St. Paddy’s Day, everyone. Your comments about the different ways you live a green lifestyle has been very inspiring to us here at
St. Patrick's Day giveaway
While the usual way to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day is with parades, parties, and quirky traditions like pinching anyone not wearing green, the
Ladies, It's Cold Outside
Ah! December… That time of the year where everything is merry and bright. It’s that special time of the season where we trade in our heels for a
Three Foods for Your Tummy and Your Skin
In the name of the Beneficent Father, of good harvest, and of all blessings… In the name of health, beauty, and wellbeing… In the name of pumpkins,
How do I make a healthier choice?
Embrace natural beauty! Using products infused with the goodness of Mother Nature is not just trendy, it can have a really huge impact on your health
It’s 37 days—or about 5 weeks—to go before the holiday season. Within these 5 festive weeks, you’re going to consume a lot of food and spirits, as
Did you know that we absorb almost 130 chemicals on a regular basis? Whether you have a simple or an elaborate beauty routine amidst body washes,
Skin Care

Skin Care

9 September 2016
The first step in your skincare regime is washing or cleansing your face. Now the actual act of washing your face is simple, but choosing a facewash/