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Free shipping on ALL orders + Up to 50% off
November 7, 2017

What to love about Sula NYC

It's always nice to find brands that use their sphere of influence to embrace values that impact the world for the better. Sula NYC is built on a strong belief that every person and place involved in its brand should be treated to the benefits of greater well-being.

Sounds good? Here are more of the reasons why we absolutely love and support Sula NYC and why you should, too!

You can enjoy the great benefits of Argan Oil

Sula NYC products are based on a certain core ingredient: 100% organic Argan Oil. This golden oil is an excellent natural source of vitamin E for skin and hair. It absorbs in the skin at cellular level and moisturizes the pores.

The products are multi-purpose

The brand's frontliners are its Argan body oils. These body oils perfecly moisturize the skin without the greasy feel. With natural sweet-smelling fragrances, the products can also be used as perfume. You can simply apply a few drops along your pulse points for a natural light fragrance. The products are also the perfect aftercare aid when you have your body waxed.

The products are cruelty-free

There's absolutely no justifiable reason why any animal should suffer the testing process of any cosmetic product, just so that it can be safely used by people later on. Sula NYC is all about animal rights awareness and has managed to distinguish itself for manufacturing good quality products and for being completely cruelty-free.

It capitalizes on purity over mass production

Sula NYC is unapologetically devoted to natural products. And that means the purity of its products will always trump mass production. The restorative properties of its products will always be at the center of its mission. Despite technological advancements, every single organic Argan nut used on its products is cracked by hand.

The products are sourced consciously

The brand believes its success lies on being able to better the lives of all that it touched. The founder, Patricia Reinders, traveled all over the world to find the right sources and partners that would uphold everything that the brand stands for. She found herself in the rainforests of Morocco, learned its culture and natural treasures, and met artisans who were experts in the nature of Argan nut. To this day, Sula NYC products only come from the highest quality organic and natural ingredients sourced respectfully from the Amazon Basin and the Berbers in North-Africa.

It is the first organic skincare company to participate in the UN Global Contract

Sula NYC is the first ever organic skin care company in the USA that is signatory to the UN Global Compact. This global agreement encourages companies worldwide to embrace, support and enact a set of core values in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption. Sula NYC has been definning its plans and programs accordingly, based on the principles of the agreement.

Its other global commitments are outstanding

Sula NYC supports respectful sourcing, particularly the T4SD (Trade for Sustainable Development - initiative Worldbank & International Trade Center). It also initiates fairtrade and traceability of organic ingredients to farmers through the GS1 initiative. Furthermore, it is a partner of GRETHA, the world's first and only group of medical professors to research effects of Argan oil for medical therapies.

The products are now convenient to buy

Something so precious as the products of Sula NYC must be hard to find. Well, not really! You can now easily get your hands on the brand's amazing products. Sula NYC is now one of the featured brands of Sassafras, and that means you can conveniently shop for its products on our online store -- then delivered straight to your home! So go ahead and browse through the Sula NYC catalog on our website now!