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October 31, 2017

What to Love About Maroma

For years, Maroma has been a trendsetter in producing naturally-made aromatic scents. Find out why people all over the world continue to rave about this brand.

In the late seventies, several your pioneers launched a brand of fragrances to bring in an alternative to the chemical-filled products in the market and to provide much-needed finances to a small town located in India. Years later, this evolved into a company that now offers a renowned range of home and body fragrances all developed to create a feeling of well-being and inner balance for all its users, with its success greatly contributing to the economy of its origin.

Maroma's success for over 30 years, could be credited to many things. Here are just some of the reasons why many people all over the world continue to love the brand.

It's signature line of aromatherapy fragrances.

Maroma's stick incense line is considered the most comprehensive and the highest quality collection available in the world. The secret to the brand's unparalleled expertise in blending perfectly-balanced natural fragrances is its commitment to sticking to all-natural ingredients and traditional production. Meanwhile, Maroma's best-selling green candles are a sublime blend of 100% eco-friendly ingredients. When lit, the luminaries glow like stained glass as the natural palm wax give off a soothing and fragrant blend of natural oils.

Its body care products

Maroma's body care product lines such as organic scrub soap and organic body spray and are also creating a revolution, replacing synthetic raw materials with natural preservatives and colos. The brand's cold pressed and triple milled scrub soaps are formulated with its own base of organic coconut oils, creamy kokum butter and other vegetable oils. Also worthy of mention is the brand's perfume oils, conveniently small yet packed with natural extracts and fragrances that can last the entire day or night. It also has the newly-launched aromatherapy pulse point sprays that come in a 10ml travel size bottle, allowing anyone to enchance and refresh their mood with a single spray. All fragrances are 100% natural, free of artificial colors or preservatives, petroleum derivatives, gluten, parabens or phthalates, and are never tested on animals.

Its fair trade practices

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Maroma employs only adults from the local villages of Auroville, India, where it originated. To encourage schooling, the company requires prospective employees to complete their education before they are hired. Due to fair annual pay increases, salaries are generally higher than the local standard. They also have benefits like health care facilities, hygiene programs, saving plans, reasonable working hours and a safe and pleasant work atmosphere. Because of this, positions at Maroma are much sought after by the area's residents and employees tend to stay with the company for many years. The company is the largest emplyer in Auroville and the biggest contributor. Each year, 40% of Maroma's profits are returned to the community to further growth and development.

Its commitment to the planet

The company has a particular sensitivity to environmental issues and a dedication to help preserve the planet's natural resources. The ingredients in Maroma's products are naturally abundant or taken from renewable sources, and packaging is recyclable. To further the conservation efforts in Auroville, Maroma also generates about 35% of its total required energy from its own solar panels. Waste is greatly minimized through recycling, and only materials with the least impact on the environment are chosen for packaging.