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Skin Care
September 9, 2016

Skin Care

The first step in your skincare regime is washing or cleansing your face. Now the actual act of washing your face is simple, but choosing a facewash/cleanser from the vast array of options available is complicated. Let’s simplify that today. The fragrance factor is a big determinant in our choice, but it is very important to first understand our skin type and then choose the right product. The different types of cleansers available are: cream, gel, foam and oil.

If you have NORMAL skin: A foam or gel based cleanser is your best bet. Also opt for a cleanser that exfoliates, as well as moisturizes, as this will help maintain the balance.

If you have DRY skin: Look for a gentle cream cleanser with moisturizing benefits. Make sure you check the ingredients list though, because alcohol and chemicals like sodium or ammonium lauryl sulphate can lead to further drying.

If you have OILY skin: Sometimes cleansers for oily skin tend to strip the skin of all oils, which leaves the skin feeling stretched. A gel based formula will eliminate oil without stripping your skin.

If you have SENSITIVE skin: Use a gentle cleanser, aloe based products work great for sensitive skin. Try to avoid products that contain fragrances and preservatives since they could act as irritants.

If you have COMBINATION skin: A foam based cleanser works well, as it caters to both dry and oily skin types.

We, at Sassafras, have a great line-up of organic products that suit all skin types. So whether you are a Hollywood star or the girl-next-door, click here to find your ideal skincare products, and let your skin be pampered and nurtured the way only Mother Nature can.