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Nature Bare Body Care
March 24, 2017

Nature Bare Body Care: It all started with a diaper rash

Hi, everyone! Today we talk about the newest brand in the Sassafras Store: Nature Bare Body Care. The lady behind this brand is Melody, a Materials Engineer by profession. Melody didn’t set out to create a business from the start.

Having always been ingredients-conscious, as a consumer, she knew that mainstream personal care products contained an unhealthy amount of chemicals, many of them potentially harmful.

 It all started one day a few years back when her then five-month-old son began teething. As most parents know, teething is typically accompanied by fever, and often, diaper rash. She and her husband bought a leading diaper rash cream, but she thought that it had a weird texture. After applying it to her son’s tush, she looked at the ingredients list and found that it contained, among others: mineral oil, and petrolatum. It also contained Peruvian balsam, which she was unfamiliar with.

So she looked it up and was appalled to discover that Peruvian balsam was listed as one of the top five dermatological allergens. One website mentioned that it could cause dermatitis, and yet another cautioned that it was poisonous to infants if ingested. (Editor's note: the links to the scientific research articles supporting these findings were independently searched by our content lead).

She never used that diaper rash cream again.

As a materials engineer whose job is all about making new materials out of existing ones, this concerned mom rose to the challenge. She looked around her home to see what she could use to soothe her baby’s skin without using anything that was irritating and/or toxic. She picked bentonite clay for its ability to wick moisture and soothe inflamed skin. It worked surprisingly well – her son’s rash was significantly improved.

These active ingredients are known to promote skin protection and healing.

The only problem with the original bentonite clay paste was that there were still patches that were irritated because the clay didn’t quite manage to stick to the entire area. So she tinkered with her formula some more until she came up with what she would eventually dub as Cushy Tush. Her final formula is a proprietary mix of bentonite clay with sunflower oil, shea butter, zinc oxide, seaweed, aloe vera, and rosehip oil. These active ingredients are known to promote skin protection and healing.

Nature Bare

This diaper rash butter became the very first product for her Nature Bare Body Care brand, and up to this day, it continues to be one of their more popular products, along with the For Harsh Hands Hydrating Body Butter.

Nature Bare

All Nature Bare products are made with ingredients sourced from certified organic vendors, and their team is very conscious of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Even their packaging is made from recycled materials. They assure customers that they are cruelty-free and non-GMO. This brand has already managed to build a following; customers rave about their hand creams and belly butters, which are moisturizing and yet never heavy on the skin. Breastfeeding mamas will love their Nursing Balm, which can be such a relief for cracked and sore nursing nipples. Most importantly, this balm is made from 100% non-toxic and food-grade ingredients. You don’t even need to rinse it off before breastfeeding.

The Nature Bare Body Care team is looking to bring even more natural products to the market. As you read this, they are in the final stages of perfecting their luxury, all-natural and vegan bath bombs. They promise to have something that both kids and adults will love, so we’re quite excited to see what they come up with.