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Ladies, It's Cold Outside
December 21, 2016

Ladies, It's Cold Outside

Ah! December… That time of the year where everything is merry and bright. It’s that special time of the season where we trade in our heels for a cozier pair of boots and go for that warm hug of our coats and that cute beanie that has been sitting in our drawers. As the colors of fall pass and the leaves have finally fallen, we are now greeted with the cool breeze of winter. It almost feels magica!

Our ever-changing season only tells us that nothing is constant and permanent. Thus, your skin care routine shouldn’t stay the same, as well. With the cool December air greeting us for a month or so, we have to stay and look our best, especially with all the parties we have to attend to this month!

I personally have an oily skin but that doesn’t mean I have everything that I need to keep my face and skin moisturized! How about you? Are you equipped this Holiday season?

Here is my beauty regimen this holiday season (that I swear by) that would keep yourself looking fresh and merry.

  1. I always like to start my day by washing my face with cool water. I know. Cool water. But before you say anything, the coolness of the water would help you wake up during the day and make your skin feel more refreshed than looking tired. We wouldn’t want that right?
  2. youthful-resolution
    Rosy Resolution Face Polish
    Once that’s done, I wash my face with Rosy Resolution Face Polish. It is formulated with organic oils that would prep my skin to stay moist all day. Well, just enough to not making you look like an oil sleek. ;) What’s even more impressive is that it’s a one step product, so you wouldn’t have to have so much product to wash your face with. It cleanses, moisturizes and exfoliate your skin all at the same time!
  3. Now that you have cleansed, moisturized and exfoliated. I’d like to tone my skin. It’s easy to say that you do not need toners, but toners are an essential part of the routine (besides, just washing your face). Toners basically removes all traces of dirt and grime on your skin, especially if you have acne-prone skin or for the ladies out there who had a night out the night before and had makeup on. I typically use the Clarifying Facial Toner by Sibu. You wouldn’t need a cotton pad to use this product! I just spritz the toner all over my face and neck.

    It has a cooling mist that refreshes and hydrates the skin. It also firms my skin and balances my pH levels for up to six hours which leaves my skin feeling smooth and calm throughout the day.

  4. Now for the most important step, you would like to grab your moisturizer. Moisturizers are going to be your best friend this holiday season because not only it keeps your skin supple but it also prevents flaking and dullness. That added layer of moisture would create a protective layer on your skin.

    Ladies with oily face should also use moisturizers! It doesn’t mean just because we have oily skin we should skip this step. The oil coming from our skin doesn’t provide as much hydration as a moisturizer does. Having oily skin only means that we have more prominent pores, but with the help of a moisturizer, our skin would look more even and smoother. Especially if you’re using the right moisturizer for you.

    After trying so many products in the past, I am sparing you from going through the trouble of spending so much on moisturizers that doesn’t work for you. I am going to break this down into 3 categories so I can help every girl out there.

    • Sensitive Skin

      For all my ladies dealing with sensitive skin, look no further! My best advice to you is to choose a brand that’s certified using organic ingredients. Organic moisturizers work as well as other high-end brands but choosing to go organic just saves you from easily breaking out or irritating your skin, as it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and uses familiar ingredients that came straight from mother nature. You can add Geoderm Sensitive Anti-aging Facial Cream in your regimen.

      Sensitive Skin

      Anti-aging is not only for mature women but investing on anti-aging products as early as you’re on your late 20’s would help avoid signs of aging. I find that anti-aging products revives the skin from the harmful elements like dust and rays of the sun. The more you’re exposed to the sun during the day, our skin tends to be more susceptible to sun damage, which leaves us with sun spots that makes us look older than we should.

    • Oily Skin

      Where are all my oily-skin ladies at? I never believed in moisturizers in the past. Like you, probably you didn’t think we should even skip it but I was so wrong. VERY WRONG.

      The best moisturizer to choose when you have oily skin are gel-based products and/or oil-free moisturizers. That way, we are not packing on more oil in our skin but still getting that moisture that would make our skin merry!

      I use Geoderm Aloe Vera Gel on my face. This product is gel-based so it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I just use on pump of this product and lightly dab it onto my face for that extra moisture.

      Aloe vera has been found to be effective in fighting signs of aging, acne, and can also treat sunburn. I can also use this during the summer months under my sunscreen for extra protection, so you won’t have to grab another moisturizer during this time. Did I mention it’s 100% Aloe Vera and 100% organic? So no need to figure out what makes this product incredible on the skin!

      Oily Skin

    • Normal Skin

      Having a normal skin type is probably the easiest to figure out. During the cold months, however, normal skin can turn into dry skin as the moisture from your face dries from the cool climate. A good base to start your day is simply applying a thin layer of Geoderm Moisturizing and Regenerative Facial Cream.

      This moisturizer has an amazing texture that would immediately blend into your skin leaving it deeply moisturized, relaxed, soft and would make you look more youthful and fresh. I’ve heard from other people who swear by this product as you’d see instant results from the first days of use.

      Normal Skin

      These are mostly the most effective way for you to keep looking fresh throughout winter. Just follow these steps and tips and your skin would be as merry as you are during the Holidays.