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St. Patrick's Day giveaway
March 5, 2017

Celebrating Green Choices: A St. Patrick's Day Giveaway

While the usual way to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day is with parades, parties, and quirky traditions like pinching anyone not wearing green, the organic living community has come to appropriate this holiday for celebrating the green lifestyle, and to making mindful decisions that promote clean and sustainable living.

March ushers in the season for spring cleaning: an opportunity to clear our homes of stuff we don’t need to make more room for the things that we do. This is a good time of the year to reflect on our choices, and how these impact our health, and our environment.  

Your bathroom and vanity are an excellent way to start a green and organic revamp. We begin and end our days with showering and grooming rituals, and what we put on our skin –the largest organ in our body – gets absorbed into the body. This month is all about making organic and green choices here at Sassafras, with a Rafflecopter giveaway for $200 worth of organic personal care products at stake. Simply follow instructions below to earn raffle entries. Terms and conditions for the giveaway can be viewed here.

UPDATED March 29, 2017: 

Hello, everyone. Sorry that it's taken so long to pick a winner for this giveaway. This is the first time that our team has used Rafflecopter and we've run into some technical difficulties as a significant number of the entries were actually invalid (e.g. they claimed to have tweeted every day when they really have not, indicated that they have blogged when in fact they did not, etc.). We've actually drawn and disqualified four winners consecutively for these practices before ending with the one displayed below.

We'll give the winner 24 hours to acknowledge our email. If no response is forthcoming, we'll pick another one. Thank you all for joining.

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