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November 17, 2016

5-Week Holiday Countdown, 5-Step Guide to Natural Beauty

It’s 37 days—or about 5 weeks—to go before the holiday season. Within these 5 festive weeks, you’re going to consume a lot of food and spirits, as you party and socialize, often way past midnight. You’re going to face changes in the weather, too. In some places, the climate might have started to get colder; in other places, hotter. Just like the excessive intake, weather changes can also be damaging to your skin, hair, lips, as well as to the inner workings of your body. The changing season, along with the number of gatherings everywhere, should be a reason for you to pay closer attention to yourself. All of us desire to “give” our best in this season for giving, which includes giving your best look; but most of us end up making excuses when we fall short.

It’s about time to say goodbye to your reasons. Look your best on the outside, and feel your best from the inside. This 5-step beauty guide can help you save a lot of energy from making excuses, and you’d rather use that energy to thank people for all the compliments coming your way, as you make your switch to natural beauty.

1. Illuminate! Make your beauty shine through.

You can choose to spend a tremendous amount buying bronzers, shimmers, and illuminators for the promise of instant yet temporary skin brightening. You can go ahead with that if you have the money to spend, but don’t forget that the best cosmetics to wear is your own bare skin. So, invest in some skin exfoliators, cleansers, and bath salts—all of which can get rid of dark, dead skin cells, leaving your skin naturally brighter and supple. When choosing the right product, go for the organic and natural items, which do not contain harmful chemicals, such as hydroquinone. Check out our exfoliators, cleansers, and scrubs for the face and body. Bath salts are also a good, indulgent, skin renewal experience at least once a week.

2. Hydrate your skin. Allow moisture to seep in.

Skin moisture is very significant to maintaining your youthfulness, even if aging is inevitable. A dose of moisture every single day will result in soft, supple, healthily moisturized skin on your face and body. For facial skin moisture, go for face creams with organic ingredients, such as Jojoba oil and pure Aloe Vera, and do away with products made from parabens. For your body moisturization needs, natural and organic lotions, balms, and creams are the go-to choices for the picky beauty shoppers. Proper skin moisturization will be something your older self will thank your younger self for, not only for the holidays, but in the future as well.

3. Time for an eyelift: Awaken your eyes.

Let’s face it. Those late-night parties will not only take their toll on you when you grow old, but will also instantly give you some not-so-adorable dark circles. You’ll be lucky enough if your eyes droop and sag. Give yourself a daily eyelift using our Carrot-a-Day Eye Serum that helps regain vibrant, firm skin; it has a cooling, de-puffing quality for tired eyes. Also, a more advanced eye treatment is available for a regenerative eye contour effect with Regenerative Eyes Contour Hyaluronic.

4. Soothe your lips. It’s the season of mistletoes and kisses

Let us start your lip care with a myth and a fact. Myth: Wetting your lips with your tongue provides moisture, nope, it only worsens chapped lips, since saliva in contact with air can dry and crack your lips. Fact: mildly brushing your lips once a week using a soft-bristled toothbrush and water can help exfoliate your lips, thereby maintaining their suppleness and prevent chapping. Now, for your everyday maintenance, choose from a variety of organic and natural lip balms that aid in soothing your lips this cold season. Remember, this is the time to show love in many ways, one of which is a kiss to the forehead, the cheeks, or your lover’s lips, so choose wisely.

5. Aromatic greetings.

Your scent is the greeting that whispers larger than life. It gives a lasting impression that will make or mar you. Save your Bvlgari or Dolce & Gabbana or Perry Ellis for special nights, if they are your signature scents. But if you’re still on the lookout, or simply want to try something milder and new, then try some natural fragrant hydrosols and organic essential oils, which will do wonders for your scent, and your skin.

Happy Holidays!!