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Olive Oil Shampoo Fresh Scent

16 oz


Sold by Ithaca Soap
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Straight from the source!

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Olive Oil Shampoo Conditioning formula; No conditioner needed. Leaves your hair extremely squeaky clean, tangle free, full bodied and shiny. All by itself.

  • I love your hair product
    By Roberta on Jul 18, 2015
    I must tell you how much I love your hair product, Olive oil shampoo~ Oh my, how soft and shiny it feels and look ~ Unbelievable it work well on my very thick, coarse and curly long hair without needing hair lotion for curly hair after leave-in conditioner ~ I don't use shampoo for years~ I was wary of your Olive Oil Shampoo that contained shampoo in fear of ruining beautiful curls and very dry~ But its not the case with Olive Oil Shampoo~ I love it !!! Def I will purchase a bigger jar when my tiny one is gone ~ You make it so amazing and unbelievable !!~ (thank youS!!) With gratitude ~
  • Allergy-friendly & economical
    By Rachel Anderson on Feb 07, 2015
    I have great difficulty finding personal care items, as I have multiple food allergies and react by touch. I am allergic to nuts, tree nuts, dairy, and egg. This is one of the few shampoos that I can use that is free of all my allergens. I appreciate that there are few ingredients and that the ingredients are clearly labeled. Commercial products often contain allergens such as almond oil that are not on the label if it is a "non-food" item. I like that I am supporting a local business and that I can find my shampoo in multiple locations such as the Farmer's Market or Greenstar. Honestly, this shampoo lasts such a long time, I don't have to buy it that often! I also have eczema due to my allergies. This shampoo moisturizes my hair so well, I have no scalp eczema or dandruff. I have very thin, fine hair, and this shampoo helps add body without being greasy. I no longer have to wash every day. I can usually skip a few days and my hair still looks great. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!
  • eureka!
    By Gretchen on Nov 24, 2014
    Last summer, I got a little bit obsessed with the whole "no shampoo" movement and experimented to see if it would work for me. After about a month, I decided that no, I couldn't stand the greasy feeling of not having clean hair. On the other hand, I've struggled with feeling like my once vibrant hair gets dry and flat and lifeless, especially in the cold northeast winters, and especially now that I get my hair highlighted every 6 months or so. So when i heard about Ithaca Soap's olive oil based shampoo, I tried it out. Now I've been using it for about 6 weeks (along with the 17c soap), and I never want to go back. My hair feels healthy and strong, and I don't need to use other products to try to restore its moisture and body after washing. I only need to wash my hair every 2 or 3 days, and now that it's cold, I appreciate my hair's natural strength and resilience, and how much better it feels now that it isn't being stripped every couple of days, even more. It's also really great to know that there was no animal testing in the shampoo's creation, and I appreciate the minimal packaging. Thank you!!
  • Olive Oil Shampoo Fresh Scent
  • Saponified olive oil
  • blend of Lavender
  • lemongrass
  • rosemary
  • peppermint
  • clove tea tree essential oils for a light, fresh, and clean aroma

For best results follow these instructions: If you've been using conditioner or shampoo with lots of ingredients, give your hair a gentle cleanse with an apple cider vinegar rinse prior to shampooing with 17CS Olive Oil Shampoo. This will gently remove residue and build up from your old hair care products.

Pour the vinegar on your hair, avoiding any contact with your eyes. Massage the vinegar into your scalp and all the way to the tips of your hair. For those of you with a lot of hair, you may need 1/2 - 1 cup of vinegar. Rinse with water. Then shampoo and again massage your scalp and hair all the way to the ends. This 1st shampooing may not be very lathery as it washes off the vinegar. Shampoo a second time and you'll get a nice lather and fabulously clean hair.

Olive Oil Shampoo Fresh Scent Olive Oil Shampoo Fresh Scent
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