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Super Shea Soap Bar

4 oz


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Straight from the source

Straight from the source!

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The best price guaranteed

The best price guaranteed!

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Makes 3 Soaps are made with USDA certified organic ingredients and hand-crafted in small batches.

All of our soaps are made with natural oils and retained glycerin to provide you with soothing moisture.

Each bar is long-lasting and effective and leaves you with a healthy clean.

This SUPER Shea Bar provides extra moisture for SUPER soft skin and is especially wonderful for those of us with sensitive skin because we make it without any other essential oils or fragrances that could cause irritation.

  • Lush Unscented Soap
    By Robin on Jul 13, 2016
    I've been using this as a face soap and I love it! Very lush and creamy. Leaves my skin feeling very soft and clean with no irritation. Also purchased two scented soaps for the shower....can't wait to try them. A winner! Will definitely be buying more.
  • Great for my sensitive skin
    By Kelly Englese on Jul 06, 2016
    My skin is so sensitive and I get eczema. This soap is perfect. It is non irritating and I really like it!
  • Unscented super shea soap bar is the best!!
    By Ashley Dallas on May 02, 2016
    Literally the BEST thing I have ever used! I have been having reactions to body wash and even other bar soaps for a long time. In the back of my mind, I knew it had to be something in the ingredients, but I didn't think there was a product out there that was better. Boy was I wrong! This soap bar cleans so well and my skin has never been this balanced and there is absolutely no irritation that I usually would get. There is also no residue which is awesome and it seems like I even smell better, longer than using the traditional products you can get in stores. The price is a little high,but not as high as other "natural" products and the price compared to the quality is truly a fantastic value! Try these products out-you won't be disappointed! I will definitely be back for future purchases.
  • 100% HAND-CRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES. MADE WITH USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. We use only the best USDA certified organic ingredients and processes so you can be assured our products are healthy and safe. All of our products are certified under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) by Organic Certifiers based in Ventura, California.
  • SHEA BUTTER IS THE SUPERFOOD FOR THE SKIN. Shea Butter prevents wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots, and promotes a healthy looking complexion.
  • FILLED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Shea Butter contains plant-based antioxidants that absorb into the skin easily, leaves skin feeling smooth and soft, and provides a healthy and youthful glow.
  • EWG VERIFIED AND GUARANTEED 100% NON-TOXIC. All of our organic bar soaps are EWG VERIFIED (TM) for your health
  • Safflower* and/or Sunflower*
  • Oils, Coconut* Oil
  • Palm Fruit* Oil
  • Shea Butter*
  • Water, Sodium Hydroxide**
  • Rosemary Extract.


* USDA Certified Organic Ingredient

** None remains after saponifying oils into soap and glycerin

Wet hands then add soap, rinse. Inhale our beautiful essential oils and feel how soft your skin is after use.

CAUTION: Avoid eye contact. For external use only.

Super Shea Soap Bar Super Shea Soap Bar
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