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Patchouli Tangerine Bar Soap

5 oz


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Straight from the source!

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Patchouli and tangerine mixed keep complexions youthful and clear, while keeping limbs supple. Clairvoyance, attractiveness and love are enhanced for both sexes with this sweetened earthy blend.

An unadulterated patchouli is a wonderfully heavy earthy aroma, that will assist the slow to awaken in the mornings. It is an aphrodisiac, deodorant and insect repellant that relieves cracked problem skin such as eczema, acne and athletes foot.

  •  Lathery, long lasting, deep cleaning.
  • Antioxidant vitamin e soothes and relieves itchy, sore spots, while conditioning, and enhancing  naturally  soft, smooth skin.
  • Choose from Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Clove Spice, Lavender Mint, Lavender Orange, Tough Guy, Dirty Dog, Patchouli, Unscented, Unscented Oat
  • Saponified organic coconut and organic sunflower oil
  • A blend of 100% pure essential oils including Patchouli