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Revitalizing Sweet Orange Organic Body Polish

24 oz


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Straight from the source!

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Exfoliate , Moisturize, Rejuvenate.

Perfect crystalline cubes of salt exfoliate gently yet effectively. Our Organic Emollient Oils absorb quickly, and rinse clean, unlike other scrubs which leave a greasy film on you and on the shower floor. Our Certified Organic formula includes only beneficial ingredients, no synthetics, or petrochemical processing that can be so toxic and dangerous. Organic Body Polish is your Certified Organic alternative to Body Wash, and Lotion. Three products in One! VEGAN GLUTEN FREE USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC CRUELTY FREE

  • Must have
    By Dixie Kurtz on Sep 13, 2016
    I've been using this for two years. I start to panic when I get low. My skin is so soft since starting this product.
  • It's good
    By Carol Church on Oct 10, 2016
    Very nice scrub, not too soft so I get a good scrub, but not harsh. Sometimes I add back more oil from the organic body oils.
  • Organic body polish
    By Jane on Dec 03, 2016
    Best body polish ever!
  • Exfoliates dull, dry skin to reveal radiant new skin
  • Accelerates cellular renewal improving skin function
  • Moisturizes and Protects, locking in hydration
  • Crystalline Salt
  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Safflower Oil
  • Organic Lecithin
  • Non-GMO Vitamin E
  • Organic Essential Oils

Use in the bath or shower daily or weekly. Apply to wet or dry skin. Scoop a small handful of polish into bare hands, smooth onto the skin rubbing over the surface to polish the skin. Rub until you feel the skin glow. This may take longer in rough areas such elbows and knees, and shorter in more sensitive areas. If the salt stings, that’s your indication that you have broken skin, cracked dry skin, or razor burn. Simply rinse with water. Rest assured, the salt is antiseptic and promotes healing. Letting the salt sting a bit is not a bad thing.

Polish is an excellent Shaving prep and barrier on all skin that you wish to shave, faces, heads, pits and legs. Polish first, rinse, then shave. The cooler the water you use to rinse, the more oil will be left on the skin as a barrier. The Polish lifts and liberates the hairs, while exfoliating the skin around the follicles. Polish is an excellent remediation and prevention for ingrown hairs.

Keep a jar at the kitchen sink as triage for working hands. Washing dishes with dish soap, gardening with bare hands or working outside in cold weather are all extremely drying to the hands. To prevent dishpan hands, after all of the dishes are done, while hands are still wet, polish hands and pat dry. For gardening or working hands, use Polish instead of soap for the final cleansing of the work day. HINT: Never let your working hands dry without applying Oil, Polish or Butter to the wet skin. The oils lock in the hydration instead of allowing them to dry unprotected and dehydrating your skin on a deep level.

If your feet are hot and tired from overwork or cold from poor circulation, there is nothing more satisfying than polishing them. Take a seat, you can soak your feet in a hot tub of water first or apply the polish to dry feet. The salt crystals stimulate the nerves, bringing fresh energy, oxygen and blood flow to the feet. For a real circulatory enhancement, polish right up to the knees. The salt exfoliates rough or dry skin, and the Organic oils moisturize deeply. HINT: If someone you know is in a wheelchair or bedridden, there is nothing more loving than giving them a foot polish, you can remove the polish with warm wet towels after wards. I have personally done this for my mother through two knee replacements and it was life changing for her every time.

To assist Lymphatic drainage; before you turn the shower on, Smooth polish over your entire body. Then follow the lymphatic flow with hands rubbing lightly over the skin; up, inside the legs, down outside the legs, breathing with each stroke, Up, inside, down, outside. Towards the heart inside the arms, down to the fingers over the outer arms. On the torso, towards the heart. This is also an effective support for slowed or challenged circulatory systems as well as for diminishing the strain of EMF exposure.

Revitalizing Sweet Orange Organic Body Polish Revitalizing Sweet Orange Organic Body Polish
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